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Always wanted to play soccer in a team? Dream Big Play Footy!

What is Footy?

Stay in shape, connect with your team, and show off your soccer skills!

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Where is Footy?
soccer with friends and colleagues
Work hard, play Footy

Time to get to know Footy. The no-hassle, weeknight soccer league is already a staple name is Europe, and is now very happy to be expanding to the US. The concept behind Footy is to create a highly competitive league, which is in turn exceptionally easy to join and to partake in. No more time-consuming training sessions, or matches at far away locations during the weekend. Just one match a week against the same level team. Footy promises all soccer – no hassle. Just bring your kit, your team of 7, and your need to win. We’ll take care of the rest.

Footy brings people together, helps them get active, and helps them discover the European way of playing soccer.

Sounds interesting? Lace-up those soccer boots, sign up and get ready for Footy.



At Footy there is always a great atmosphere. Do you want to play a great match with your mates? Then you’re at the right place.

Bart - FC Zion
Footy can be found at the following locations

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