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What to bring to your first Footy Match

What to bring to your first Footy Match Making sure that you are prepared is a very important step in ensuring that you have a positive experience playing in an adult soccer league like Footy. Here are some things to consider and what to bring with you to your first match. Things to do ahead [...]

History of Soccer

History of Soccer People have been kicking a ball for a very long time. Soccer, or also known as football, can trace its origins back to the 1800s with the creation of the Football Association in England. However, versions of the sport existed prior to this. Some of those sports were more like rugby than [...]

How to Sign Up as a Free Agent

How to Sign Up as a Free Agent Looking to play some soccer but can’t find a team to play with? No problem. Footy welcomes individual players (Free Agents) to join our league. There are a couple of simple steps you need to do to join as a Free Agent.   Visit the Footy Free [...]

Laws of the Game

Laws of the Game The sport of soccer (or football) is guided by 17 “Laws of the Game”. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) are the creators and gatekeepers of these laws. The organization meets regularly to review these laws and make modifications as they deem necessary. IFAB was formed in 1886 and had delegates [...]

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