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We welcome all types of players; young, old, male, female, skilled, or unskilled.  You can sign up as a team, or if you’re looking to join a team that’s no problem, we will help you find one. 

We have teams in multiple divisions with playoffs, promotion, and relegation. For the quickest way to find your league, and find out where you can play, here is an overview! 

Men's Soccer

Men’s teams play across leagues in multiple divisions, meaning that whatever your level there is a league to suit you. When you join our league we will find the best level for you and your team. 

Teams range from 18 to 40 years old and blend a mix of competitiveness with a love of the game. 

shot attempt

“We're playing with 200% every week and regardless of the result we celebrate the victory or share the defeat with a smile”

Anke De waal, Women Team, Delirium Amsterdam

Women's soccer

Always wanted to play in a team with your girlfriends? Join our 7v7 league now!

Feeling inspired by the likes of Alex Morgan and Marta Vieira da Silva? We hope you bring that spirit to the game. And we’ll make sure there’s nothing preventing you from being that Footy legend!


    With all our leagues having fun is key and this goes for the Coed leagues as well. 

    Our players focus on wanting to take part, meet people, and have a good time exercising. 

    We ensure the leagues are competitive while also being enjoyable. 

    8 week season

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