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Footy in 't Gooi

Do you want to play football weekly in pursuit of victory? With Footy you will also enjoy the process, having more touches on the ball with 7aside!

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Companies & Friends Football

Companies & Friends Football

Join the weekly league with your friends and co-workers. Working together towards a goal, growing team spirit and meet new like minded people, is what Footy is all about!

7v7Wednesday 8 March, 2023
The best place to play

Hilversum Football

For football players in ‘t Gooi who can’t fit the regular football in their busy diary, Footy is waiting for you to display your soccer skills in Hilversum. The fields and its clubhouse with terrace overlooking the fields, provide a perfect set up to enjoy that well deserved beer after the game!

Summary of accommodation:

  • Artificial grass
  • Free Parking
  • 7v7 football
  • Wednesday Evenings
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06 - 831 333 80

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