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Womans football Utrecht

Women are game

Women who are looking for another way to get active, have fun and potentially win a trophy along the way, join the Footy 4 Women League. Played on Monday evenings at Footy Park Utrecht, you can easily fit in this league even with a full diary.

Women football has grown in popularity as it combines skills with team spirit, which is becoming a rarer trade these days. At Footy we are all about the process and experience. All levels are welcome, teams or individuals.


Shoes… check. Put on game face… Check….& enjoy the game! Join the women league in Utrecht.

Womans football

6 versus 6

Played on weekday evenings our leagues are very accessible for adults (18 – 50 year) with a bussy agenda. Footy is the solution for when you still want to play but can’t commit to the rigid scheme of trainings and playing on places far away, because we only play matches, when & where you want. So first choose your preferred location!

  • Always Referee
  • Artificial Grass
  • 2 x 25 minute games
  • Free drink for Man of the Match
  • BBQ
  • Prizes (Cups)
  • Parking
  • Bibs included

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1. Step one

Find a team with whom you want to play. Get them excited, like you are, about the concept.

2. Step two

Now you choose location, team size, and type of league, among the available leagues on this website.​

3. Step three

If your team is committed physically & financially the captain may enter the team through the website.​

4. Step four

Our organizers will provide you access to the Footy app where you find your fixtures, so you are set to play!​

Our leagues

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Companies & Friends Football

Companies & Friends Football

Join the weekly league with your friends and co-workers. Working together towards a goal, growing team spirit and meet new like minded people, is what Footy is all about!

6v6Tuesday 9 May, 2023
6v6Wednesday 10 May, 2023
6v6Thursday 11 May, 2023
6v6Friday 12 May, 2023
Student Football

Student Football

Footy is a fast growing small sided soccer league that brings the game to the people by providing a high level organization

6v6Monday 8 May, 2023
6v6Friday 12 May, 2023

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