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You only pay for what you play. Footy only charges you for scheduled league games. So a league of 10 weeks results in 10 times the weekly amount per game. The length of the league determines basically the full price. 

To make it even more accessible we allow your team to pay the full amount up until 4 weeks after the kick off. That way we make it easier for you as a captain. So you as a captain don’t have to pay the whole amount up front and hope for your members to pay you back!

The exact price differs depending on the location, and type of league. As a rule of thumb, the price is around 7 euro per game per player assuming 2 substitutes per team. All our prices include 6% BTW (Vat). To find out the exact pricing of the league you’re interested in simply check out the league prices.

Footy Park

footy park - Renting a field

Apart from playing in a league you can rent a field and play among your friends or colleagues at Footy Park. The prices for field rent depend on the field size. 5v5 fields are 55 euro per hour, the 6v6 fields are 70 euro per hour. 

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Footy is a unique concept that brings people together, gives an energetic boost and let’s you discover a revolutionary way to play football. Find out what league fits your preference best, find a league, and then either sign up as a team, or join as an individual and play with a team.

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