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How to Sign Up as a Free Agent

How to Sign Up as a Free Agent

Looking to play some soccer but can’t find a team to play with? No problem. Footy welcomes individual players (Free Agents) to join our league. There are a couple of simple steps you need to do to join as a Free Agent.


Visit the Footy Free Agent website (

Check out the Footy Free Agent webpage to find out details about how to join. There you will find a link to register. After you register, the Footy staff will communicate with you to find a team. Footy has in-house teams (teams made up of Free Agents) that are always looking for players. Another option is that Footy will identify teams in the league that may be looking for more players. Either way, the staff will find a team for you.


Communicate with the Footy Staff

We highly encourage this before you register or after you do. Let us know what position you like to play, your skill level, and what kind of team environment you are looking for. This will help the staff find the right team for you based on your skill level and expectations that you have.


Communicate with your team

Once you have been assigned to a team, make sure to reach out to the captain and other members of the team so that they can get to know you. Perhaps you can all arrange a time to meet up and practice together. Another reason it is important to connect with your captain is so that you are aware of the team’s schedule and uniform (what color they play in).


Have fun!

Footy’s main objective is for everyone to have a good time. If your experience is not going as you would have hoped, reach out to the Footy staff so that they can help come up with a solution. While we are confident that you will have a good time, sometimes problems occur and the Footy staff is happy to assist when problems arise.

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