General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Article 1 Scope of Terms & Conditions

This is an agreement for League Services between Footy LLC (Hereinafter, “Footy”, the “Organisers”, “We”, or “Us”) and the following Team and Participants or Free Agent (the “Team”, “You/r”, “Participant/s”). We do not accept participants on any other terms. These Terms & Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

All League Services; Competitions, leagues, games, events or tournaments organized by Footy (“Competition/s”, “League/s”, “Game/s”) are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

When registering for a Competition, either by phone, email, or internet, the entering Team, and each individual participant and/or Team Member, agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

The Terms & Conditions are divided into Registration/Payment Terms; General Terms and Conditions;



Registration/Payment Terms    

Article 2. Quotations and options

The Game Fee (GF) is currently approximately $70 per Team for the 7×7 soccer league, though this may change from time to time. The Competition Fee is calculated by multiplying the amount of weeks with the GF.

Games or Events occurring outside of normal League play, have different pricing.



Article 3. Registration and agreement

Registration to the Competition is made in writing – including e-mail or website registration at In doing so the party registering, and all participants, agrees to these terms and conditions.

The Organisers may deduct any fees owing from the Team deposit.

Footy may at any time terminate a registration, for any reason.

Players may only be registered for one team in each sanctioned competition, and must be aged 16 years or over. Team captains must be aged 18 yearsor over

Each team will assign one captain and one vice captain, who shall act as the contact representative between the registered Team and Footy. The captains are held responsible for the team and for Team payments.



Article 4. Prices for Leagues and Games

Prices quoted by Footy are estimates only. The final price or prices shall be determined at the time of the closure of registration. Once the number of participating teams is known and the amount of matches is decided, Teams will be notified of the final registration fees.

Footy reserves the right to charge for additional work or services provided, which are not included in the agreement, to the other party.


Article 5. Payment Conditions

All prices mentioned in quotations, offers, agreements and/or invoices are exclusive of taxes and other charges which are legally applicable, unless otherwise stated.

The Team owes the price stipulated in the registration agreement and / or invoice unless the price changes pursuant to Article 4.

Footy reserves the right to require a payment in advance, interim payment or deposit.

Full Payment must be made within the period stated in the registration agreement, if not otherwise agreed in writing; , without entitlement to refunds, or rebates.

If timely payment is not completed, the registration may be cancelled by Footy, with no refunds due of any payment or deposit.

If payment of a sent invoice has not taken place within thirty days of the invoice date, Footy is entitled to charge the other party for interest loss in the amount of the statutory interest plus 2% – calculated from the Invoice date – on the total amount of the invoice.


Article 6. Cancellation

In the event a Team leaves the League or competition without completing the season, all registration fees paid are deemed non-refundable. In the event a Team is unable to complete a season due to the death or serious injury of a Team’s member, the Team may be entitled to a pro-rata refund of registration fees paid to Footy. Requests for refunds shall be submitted in writing to Footy by the Team seeking cancellation and withdrawal. Any refund shall be at the sole and complete discretion of Footy.



General Terms & Conditions


Article 7. Use of facilities when access has been granted by Footy

Teams shall be obliged to use the materials made available by Footy and the facilities only for the purpose of playing soccer in the normal course and manner of the game.

Teams are responsible for all persons who are invited by Teams or Team Members, or otherwise have any relationship with the Team Members in or in the vicinity facilities and other areas provided by Footy. Teams shall be liable to Footy for any damage caused by such persons, without prejudice to the claims which Footy may have against those persons.

Teams without prejudice to the other existing laws and regulations, are not permitted to provide, or sell consumer goods, food or beverages, etc. on or adjacent to the facilities provided by Footy.

Footy will ensure the facilities are in as good condition as possible but shall not be held responsible for any defects found on the facilities. Teams, thier guests and /or invitees assume the risk in thier use of the facilities provided.

Footy reserves the right to charge any necessary cleaning costs, repair costs, as well as damage to facilities and accommodations caused by Teams, Team guests or invitees, to the Team responsible for said damage to facilities.

Footy reserves the right to refuse or send away a Team or persons from the facilities provided by Footy for unsportsmanlike or dangerous conduct.


Article 8. Schedule Changes

The match/game schedules (the “Schedule”),as communicated and published by Footy, serves as the basis for the playing times.

Requests for schedule changes by a Team should be submitted in writing by email, text, chat service (Livechat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc) or by phone at Footy at least 24 hours before the match. Footy has the right to reject any requests.

Modification of playing times is only possible if circumstances permit.

For the benefit of all Teams’ game-assurance Footy’s priority is that games are played as scheduled. Footy is entitled to propose an alternative time to the other team. The other team has the right to refuse the proposal.

The team that is short of players and wants to cancel their game does not have the right to do so before contacting Footy to ask for extra players, who that team is not allowed to refuse to accept.


Article 9. Cancellation by Footy

Footy is entitled to cancel the agreement due to force majeure. If force majeure will apply any foreseeable or unforeseen circumstances that make the execution of the agreement by Footy so difficult that the execution is reasonably impossible or burdensome.

Footy has the right at all times to cancel this agreement in the event of (imminent) breach of its House rules. In this case, it does not owe any costs to the other party and is also not liable for damages.

In case of cancellation as a result (imminent) violation of Footy ‘s House Rules, the costs specified in the contract(s) and the reservation fees may be charged in whole or in part to the violating Team.


Article 10. Liability

Teams and individual Team Members; their guests and invitees, (“Participant”), hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Footy, its agents, or employees, and all other entities from any and all liability , claims, demands, actions, or rights of action, which are related to, arise out of, or are in any way connected with the League or playing soccer in the Footy program, and  their participation in this activity, including but not limited to the NEGLIGENT ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF FOOTY, ITS AGENTS, OR EMPLOYEES, AND ALL OTHER PERSONS OR ENTITIES, FOR ANY AND ALL INJURY, DEATH, ILLNESS, OR DISEASE AND DAMAGE TO PARTICIPANT OR HIS/HER PROPERTY.

Teams shall undertake to behave well and to deal carefully with all facilities and equipment which are made available by Footy and to return them in the same condition; reasonable wear and tear excepted.

Teams shall be liable for all damages to facilities or equipment provided by Footy, caused by the intentional acts or negligence of Teams, Team Members, or their guests/invitees.


Article 11. Force majeure

Footy is not liable for events beyond the control of Footy that prevent Footy from complying with any of the obligations in the contract. These include but are not limited to, bad weather, acts of God, strikes (unless solely restricted to employees of Footy) or acts or threats of terrorism.

If one of the parties to an agreement is unable to fulfil any obligation under the agreement, he shall be obliged to notify the other party as soon as possible.


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