Enjoy the game boys and girls

Having a good time, while playing a great game of soccer. Things just don’t seem to get much better than with the Coed Soccer league.

Football League for Men & WOmen

Play the COED Soccer League

Let’s mix it up and bring on those coed leagues! The 7 vs7 soccer league for anyone who enjoys both the game as well as the on-field jokes.

  • Minimum 3 girls on the field per team
  • 6 – 8 week League
  • Every game a referee
  • Unlimited substitutes

It’s your turn to show off your soccer & sportsmanship skills! Form your team and join the upcoming league in your city! 

Work hard play Footy!

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What is Footy?

Footy is a fast growing small sided soccer league that brings the game to the people by providing a high level organization.

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What does it cost to join?

We keep the prices as low as possible. Typically prices range around 7 dollars / game depending on the league and size of your squad.

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What are the rules?

Safety is the number one priority in our leagues. Everyone has to go back to work the next day. More than muscle pain or a sore toenail shouldn’t occur...

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