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Play for fun, win for glory

We get it, you live a busy life. Working, studying (every now and then), dropping off the kids – we could go on and on. Sometimes a guy just needs a break, and what better way to let off steam than during a Footy game with your friends or colleagues? Just show up with your team, and let Footy take care of the rest. Pick an evening, form a team, and score. Go get ‘em. 

For Companies & Friends

Why join Footy?

With leagues in a growing number of cities Footy has currently between 500 – 1000 teams playing every week. Let’s say we know what players are looking for, next to scoring that actual goal, of course. Each team has a fair chance of getting that trophy since you’ll play against an equivalent team in a 7×7 format. Hype up your colleagues, friends or family, you don’t want to miss out on this! Contact us if you wanna know more. 

only $ 7,- per match

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