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Men's League

men's adult soccer league Las Vegas


For a top-notch soccer experience, 7v7 soccer is as good as it gets. You get all the benefits of traditional soccer and you get more touches on the ball.

Just because it’s 7v7 doesn’t mean we’re stingy with the size of the fields. With our field dimensions, there is plenty space for long passes and no offside. Your legs are going to be in awesome shape after you’ve played in our league. 

  • Certified Referee
  • Real grass
  • 2 x 25 minute games
  • Free drink for Man of the Match
  • Prizes (Cups)
  • Parking
  • Bibs available

How do i sign up?

1. Step one

Talk to your friends & co-workers who want to ball. Get them excited, like you are, about the concept.

2. Step two

Choose the right location and type of league - we have several league options available.

3. Step three

Once you have your squad, the captain will submit the team through the website.

4. Step four

Our organizers will provide you access to the Footy app where you will find your schedule. You are set to go!

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7v7 Coed Adult Soccer League. Let's mix it up and have some fun on and off the pitch in this great competition.

7v7Wednesday 24 July, 2024

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