Sierra Vista

Cyr Soccer Complex


Footy in Sierra Vista at the Cyr Center Park

In Sierra Vista the Cyr Center facilitates the 7v7 league on the artificial grass fields . 

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Coed League

Coed League

7v7 Coed Adult Soccer League. Let's mix it up and have some fun on and off the pitch in this great competition.

7v7Thursday 22 February, 2024
Men's League

Men's League

Join the weekly league with your friends and co-workers. Play a game of soccer and have fun, is what Footy is all about!

7v7Thursday 14 March, 2024
Sierra Vista

Hassle Free soccer league

You don’t need to be a professional, just bring your A-game like we will. Ball contact without having to worry about anything else – that’s our goal. 

Footy’s focus is on the matches, we’ll also take care of the goals, balls, bibs, and drinks at half time. 

Oh, and we’ve scoured Sierra Vista for the best quality soccer fields to make sure your feet touch only the highest of quality grass. 

So get ready for a 7×7 league unlike any you’ve experienced before. See you on the pitch.

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